How To Do Balance breathing By Using Pranayama


Balance  breathing    

People often speak of getting balanced or centered. The mental and subtle energies in the body get out of alignment and cause disturbances in the body and mind. Being centered has to do with balancing the energy on the left or right sides of the body. Many of that practices deal directly or indirectly with this process.

Essential for meditation: For advanced meditation, it is essential that one balance the breath and these energies, along with the mind.

Alternate Nostril breathing: 

When the energy is not balanced, one of the most visible ways in which this is seen, is in the nostrils. Most of the time, one or the other nostril is more dominant, allowing air to move more freely. This is quite a natural process. However, when they are flowing evenly, the mind really likes to be quiet and meditate.

Alternate Nostril…

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